Heart Screening Clinics for Sports Clubs

We Come To You

Healthy Hearts Healthy Lives (HHHL) come to your sports club and offer a quality cardiac screening service to club members between the ages of 14 to 35yrs.
We have been offering this service now for over 2 years and have screened 3350 individuals. Out of these, we have been able to identify some abnormalities or concerns:

  • 3350 individuals screened.
  • 7.5% of those screened have required an echocardiogram – performed by HHHL with no further cost associated to these individuals.
  • 1.5% have required further tests, predominantly a Holter monitor for QT analysis
  • Approximately 0.6% have been referred to a Cardiologist for further investigations and/or assessment.

In all these circumstances additional family members have been screened to assess for inherited conditions.

Why Is It Important in Your Club?

From our screenings over the past 2 years, five individuals have had to withdraw from competitive sports (GAA) subsequent to abnormal tests and advice from one or more consultants. Others have had to make modifications to their sporting life due to gross ECG and/or Echocardiogram findings which they were previously unaware of. It is fantastic that they are now aware and can exercise caution when playing sport.

It is extremely important to become proactive, rather than reactive to ensure the welfare of your club members. Most of us witnessed the terrible footage of Fabrice Muamba’s cardiac arrest on the football pitch last year. It is essential that any abnormalities are discovered now, before it’s too late. The 9th anniversary of Cormac McAnallen, is also a reminder to us all to take action to prevent these deaths.

We also provide a counselling service for those advised to quit sport.

What Do We Do?

Run by John and Tony McEntee, Healthy Hearts Healthy Lives (HHHL) is a mobile cardiac screening service which performs cardiac screening in individuals aged 14 to 35 yrs.

The process involves:

How Do We Organise a Screening Clinic for Our Club?

  • We Travel to Your Club
    It is worth noting that everyone screened receives individual results letters, so this would enable you if you wish to open up the screening to other clubs/sportspeople in your area or indeed for 2 neighbouring clubs to hold a joint screening session.
  • Let Us Know What Days and Times Suit
    You can contact us and give us dates and times that would suit the Club. We can work on Saturday, Sundays and weeknights. Contact us to find out what the requirements are at the venue. We travel to the Club at the arranged time and start at a time that suits the members

Contact us to find out more information by phone on either 0868601808 (ROI) or 07712264298 (NI) or email us at:[email protected] .

The anonymous information collated here is a highly valuable resource and will be used by HHHL to further define the ‘normal’ ECG for individuals between the aforementioned age ranges in Ireland.

On behalf of CLG Naomh Columba I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and Collette for coming to Glen on Saturday last for the screening, we were amazed to be honest at the great response we got from the public in regards to having the screening done. The comment was passed numerous times on Saturday how excellent it was that anyone would take the initiative to set up a mobile screening unit in the first place.
I’d like to commend ye on how professional your service is and how worth while it is also. It’s a big step in the right direction and hopefully more and more people will stand up and take notice and see how serious the problem of SADS is-without it affecting them.
ASAP Officer, Naomh Columba CLG, Co Donegal

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